Lessebo Paper - a premium design paper producer since 1693 - and celebrated artist Susan Szatmáry present Blossom. This collaboration is a celebration of the transformative power of creativity, where Susan and Lessebo Paper’s collaboration has given rise to an extraordinary collection of handmade paper bags. 

The Blossom collection is a tribute to the beauty of spring, where new life emerges from the barrenness of winter.

Susan’s craftsmanship, honed over years of experience, is showcased in each bag as she transforms sheets of Lessebo Paper’s high-quality Swedish eco-friendly paper from the collection Lessebo Colours into stunning pieces of art. The unique blend of traditional techniques and innovative design results in a collection of bags that is both elegant and contemporary.

The colours of the Blossom collection evoke the vibrancy of the season and the infinite possibilities of paper as a medium. Lessebo Paper’s premium paper serves as a strong foundation for Susan’s artistic vision, enabling her to experiment with colour, texture and form. Each bag in the collection reflects the beauty of spring, with intricate designs and vibrant hues that capture the essence of renewal and transformation.

As a tribute to the season of renewal, this exhibition celebrates the collaborative efforts of Susan Szatmáry and Lessebo Paper in the creation of a collection that is both strikingly beautiful and uniquely original. With Blossom Susan and Lessebo Paper offer an exquisite display of the transformative power of creativity, where the beauty of spring is embodied in each magnificent bag.


On October 1st, the accessories designer, Susan Szatmáry, launches a few limited-edition bags that she has made from Bolon's waste material. Over the years, Bolon has experimented with its woven material and collaborated with a number of international and domestic creators, primarily in the design industry.

Bolon is a Swedish design company that manufactures innovative floor solutions for public environments. The company is a third-generation family business run by Annica and Marie Eklund. Under Annica and Maria's leadership, Bolon has transformed from a traditional weaving mill into an international design brand with clients such as Armani, Google, Four Seasons Hotels, Chanel, Adidas, Apple and Missoni Home. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Bolon designs and produces all products at the facility in Ulricehamn. Bolon is known worldwide for its designed floors and collaborations with some of the world's most respected innovators and designers.

– I wanted to create a more sustainable collection. When I learnt more about BOLON’s history, such as its production in Sweden and all their collections contain recycled material, I knew I wanted to use their woven vinyl waste and mix it with leather using the best Italian craftsmanship, to receive a collection that meet my standards, says Susan Szatmáry.

Susan Szatmáry has the world as her workplace. She has worked for the absolute top brands of the fashion industry, including Alexander McQueen, Celine, Elie Saab and Paco Rabanne. Earlier this year, she was also awarded Accessory Designer of the Year at Elle Awards with her feminine and luxurious line under her own name

– When Susan contacted us and told us about her idea to make bags from our waste material, it felt right from the first second. As we have sustainability in our DNA and get inspiration from young creators and their visions, we felt directly that this collaboration was a must. Seeing our woven flooring material in a feminine and luxurious bag collection in impeccable Italian craftsmanship feels fantastic, says Annica Eklund, the company's Chief Creative Officer.

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The Treasure box by Schönbuch is used to store Susan Szatmáry's favorite things, her own treasures.


Schönbuch: A fan of vintage and of art deco architecture, she integrates elements of both into her designs. They can also be seen in the items in her treasure box.

-For me the treasure box is quite literally that: a box of treasures. It’s where I keep all my favourite things, like the earthenware pot my mother made, which always reminds me of her, a pair of Ahlem sunglasses and a Byredo lipstick, says Susan.

-I also keep things that inspire me in my work there. The shoe and the binoculars, for instance, are from my vintage collection, and their colours and materials inspire my new designs. And there’s another wonderful coincidence: the Porte Dorée clutch from my collection fits right in the middle of my treasure box. I put different coloured ones in there, depending on the time of year.

-I opted for the treasure box in black because it goes perfectly with the 1960s vintage teak cabinet below it. I find the black creates a nice contrast and really brings out the other interior pieces.