SUSAN SZATMÁRY is a modern luxury brand founded in Sweden, influenced by Susan’s multitude and diverse cultural background. Susan´s vision is to create high end accessories with a unique identity, that provide luxurious simplicity and delicate elegance. Her accessories offer uncompromising quality, timeless luxury, and designed with impeccable craftsmanship. Susan’s focus is on sustainability  focusing on great timeless products that do not sacrifice themselves to passing trends. The brand will focus only on introducing one or two new models per year. 

Susan only uses the highest quality materials available on the market without producing our own colors that sacrifice timeless style. We work closely with our leather suppliers in Italy to choose the perfect sustainable materials and to reduce waste. Our factories are based in Florence and are held to the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship. As a fashion industry insider, Susan closely follows the development of all the details of each product, from the first draft to the final product.
In an effect to be in constant dialogue with our customers, Susan focuses on the direct to consumer market though our web shop and some selected pop-up stores. They key to success is to provide the highest quality products while maintaining an affordable price to our global customers.

Susan is a Swedish designer and consultant for luxury brands accessories. She was born in Baghdad and raised in Sweden, studied in Italy and has lived in London and Paris. She has worked for Alexander McQueen, Céline, Elie SAAB, and Paco Rabanne. She is currently working for various brands and a brand under her own name. She studied in different schools of art and worked as a scenographer before moving into the fashion industry. Her interest in leather goods started when she began experimenting with natural leather in the same studio that her mother used to do her ceramics. She made her bags by herself from old leathers jackets that she bought in vintage stores. Her interest and love for Art and History has shaped her path in life as well as her work. 

Susan presented the Valisette collection inspired by the Deco Period with an industrial touch in Paris September 2018 and was written about in Vogue November 2018. The article penned by Laird Borrelli-Persson says "Susan Szatmáry Rolls Into the Accessories Market With a Wheeled “Valisette” Bag Packed With Wow Factor" and "Susan Szatmáry Is an Accessories Designer to Watch - Vogue". 

Susan Was nominated as "Future Talent" in 2019 with Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm and was awarded as "Accessories Designer of the year" 2020 for Elle Sweden and a winner of the prestigious Prize "Guldknappen Accessoar"   Gold Button Accessories with Damersnasvärld 2020.



Photography: Anna Malmberg