Lessebo Paper - a premium design paper producer since 1693 - and celebrated artist Susan Szatmáry presentBlossom. This collaboration is a celebration of the transformative power of creativity, where Susan and Lessebo Paper’s collaboration has given rise to an extraordinary collection of handmade paper bags. 

The Blossom collection is a tribute to the beauty of spring, where new life emerges from the barrenness of winter.

Susan’s craftsmanship, honed over years of experience, is showcased in each bag as she transforms sheets of Lessebo Paper’s high-quality Swedish eco-friendly paper from the collection Lessebo Colours into stunning pieces of art. The unique blend of traditional techniques and innovative design results in a collection of bags that is both elegant and contemporary.

The colours of the Blossom collection evoke the vibrancy of the season and the infinite possibilities of paper as a medium. Lessebo Paper’s premium paper serves as a strong foundation for Susan’s artistic vision, enabling her to experiment with colour, texture and form. Each bag in the collection reflects the beauty of spring, with intricate designs and vibrant hues that capture the essence of renewal and transformation.

As a tribute to the season of renewal, this exhibition celebrates the collaborative efforts of Susan Szatmáry and Lessebo Paper in the creation of a collection that is both strikingly beautiful and uniquely original. WithBlossomSusan and Lessebo Paper offer an exquisite display of the transformative power of creativity, where the beauty of spring is embodied in each magnificent bag.